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Looking for a copper busbar? Our extensive knowledge and experience in the production of copper Busbars, complemented by our state-of-the-art EHRT technology allows us to fully customise and create bespoke Busbars at the highest level of quality for clients in the power, rail, medical, marine, data centre, motor sport, and aerospace industries.

Copper is an incredibly versatile material. Recognised for its low thermal and electrical resistance, high strength in tension & compression, shear strength, and strong fatigue resistance properties, to name a few. Our copper Busbars are a key component of electrical utilities such as switchgear, panel boards, and busway enclosures. They can be used for local high current power distribution but also for any application that fits your specification.

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Manufacturer of Superior Copper Busbars

The efficient proportions of copper enable higher currents to be passed through the material. It is more superior than aluminium in electrical ratings when compared by volume. It also has lower electrical resistance, lower power loss, lower voltage drop and higher ampacity. The larger overall dimensions of an aluminium Busbar system may not be ideal for certain situations such as in small buildings or underfloor, whereas copper designs can be sized for any application.

This metal is also resilient to high temperatures, providing added security protection in short circuit situations. Temperature changes that may occur in service settings need a degree of design flexibility. It has a higher tensile strength than aluminium, which makes it more resistant to harm during installation and use. Reliability is a key factor in the choice of materials and copper has the credentials to fulfil all these specific needs.

These contributing factors all affect the electrical efficiency of a Busbar trunking system. The only real disadvantage of copper is its higher density. Therefore it will require more manpower at the installation stage and must be in mind if a system has specific weight requirements. As energy is expensive, these considerations at the design stage of ILF’s Busbar service are measures taken to increase energy efficiency throughout your bespoke system. These systems will lead to, and ultimately prove to be more cost-effective. We can advise you on these choices every step of the way.

Overall, our copper Busbars provide you with the perfect balance of cost versus application.  Most importantly for projects where high performance, versatility and reliability are required, this product will stand the test of time.

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Properties of Solid Busbars:

Chemical Composition of Cu-ETP:

  • Cu – 99.90
  • Bi – Max 0.0005
  • Pb – Max 0.005
  • O – Max 0.040
  • Others 0.03

Tensile Strength: 250N/mm2

Resistivity: 0.0172Ωmm2/mm

Density: 8.9kh/dm3

Current Rating: 1 of copper can withstand 1.2 Amperes

Best Copper Busbars

Sample Copper Busbars can be produced on request

Our copper Busbar manufacture can include:

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Busbars from 15mm to 200mm wide

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Busbars from 3mm to 16mm thick

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40 ton punching

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Bending accuracy of +/-0.1 degrees

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Plating in tin, nickel, precious and semi-precious metals

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Sleeving and coating including Polyolefin, UPVC and more.

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